Meet Mark and Tara Canty!

Mark and Tara Canty

The owners of The Canty Dog Ranch have been life long animal lovers. They grew up around animals in very loving environments. As they got further into their careers, and their seven combined children left the nest, they seemed to fill the gap with dogs in need, as they found these the most loving of all.

Meet Mark

Mark was born in Illinois, but mostly raised in the Texas, where he developed his devoted personality towards dogs and animals in general. His parents are huge cat and dog lovers, which only further influenced his love for animals. Shortly after he graduated college, he got his own pets and never stopped getting more. He considers them the best companions you can have, no questions asked. He is a physician by trade, and an animal lover by way of heart. He would prefer a nice walk around the ranch with the dogs to any day at the beach.

Meet Tara

Tara was born and raised in southern Nevada where she grew up with a dog. Her parents enjoyed pets as well, but never had the affection that Tara has for them. She went to University of Nevada, Reno, and after graduating moved to Illinois where she discovered her benevolent care of animals. By trade, Tara is an accomplished business woman with 25 years in the health care industry. She believes dogs give love in a way that is more rewarding than almost anything else, comparable to that of  children. This is what sparked Mark and Tara’s passion for caring for these dogs and this dog ranch of theirs.

Meet Courtney Flippin!

Courtney riding Shadow

Courtney is the daughter of Tara Canty, and  is the Head Care Taker/Trainer of the dogs at The Canty Dog Ranch.

“Hi, my name is Courtney Flippin and I am a 20-year-old student at the University of Nevada, Reno. Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with animals. I had countless stuffed animals growing up, I wanted to pet every animal we walked by, and even made my mom let me begin horse riding lessons at the age of 5. I also had a dog and cat growing up, but we didn’t start accumulating rescues until I was in middle school. I am definitely to blame for more than half of the rescues, and saving animals has become my passion in life. No matter the animal or situation, I try to help. Thirteen dogs, two goats, and a horse may seem like too much, but when you think about the fact that most of our dogs were in abusive and negligent situations before they found their way into the Dog Ranch and the goats were meant for meat, it’s completely worth it.

Outside of rescuing animals, I enjoy spending the sunny days outside with my horse, Shadow, hiking with my dogs, or exploring new places in Nevada. I am always up for an adventure. At the university, I am studying accounting with a minor in entrepreneurship. I hope to one day open my own nonprofit company or small business dealing with animal rescue.”