Age: 12

Oskar is becoming a very old man. The guess is that he is about 10 years old. Oskar found his way into the dog ranch in 2015 thanks to the local kill-shelter sending Tara and Mark pictures of the poor guy starving and about to be put down. They found him running around with no home in the middle of the winter. Oskar was just too sweet for them to put him down, so they reached out to us, and we of course immediately went and took him home. He really is a very sweet and loving boy. He was all skin and bones, but still just wanted to be loved. We began fattening him up right away, and now he is a perfect, round sausage. It’s also not surprising that Oskar did not receive dental care before he found his way to our home, so in the last few years he has lost a majority of his teeth, and now is tongue sticks out in an adorable way. Oskar is obsessed with Gus, and can be found snuggling with him often. Giving Oskar another chance at life was a great choice.