Age: 4

Breed: Pit Bull 

Olive was rescued in February 2017 in Reno, Nevada. Olive and her litter mates were being handed out at a Walmart parking lot to anyone that was interested and passed by. Due to the fact that this breed is hardly treated well, it was impossible not to try to save them…Olive was the only one left by the time we got there.  We are happy that at least one puppy got to go to a good home where she wouldn’t be abused, used for fighting, or used for breeding. Boy did we luck out. Olive is the sweetest and chilliest puppy we have ever owned. She wants nothing more than to snuggle up with you and snooze. Never will you meet a lazier puppy. Not only does she love her naps, she also loves people and the other dogs. Olive fits in perfectly.

When Olive was 6 months old we discovered that she has Addison’s disease.  This means that her body is unable to produce stress hormones correctly.  When she does not feel well from a virus or injury, her overall physical health declines as a result of not having the stress hormone.  This has resulted in several hospitalizations.  We maintain Olive’s overall health through steroids, hormone treatment, and herbal supplements.  We are aggressively pro-active when she is injured or appears ill…we want to keep that beautiful smile on her face as much as possible!

You can sponsor Olive!  Her average annual health care costs are $3,000 or $250/mo.