Age: 9

Jose is another teacup Chihuahua, and actually came from the same parents and situation as Phoebe. He is also the only one from his litter still alive. He is about two years younger than Phoebe, and is just as much of a spitfire. The tiny-dog syndrome is proven through Phoebe and Jose. They think they’re the biggest dogs even though they’re actually the smallest.  Jose is Tara’s baby, and she spoils him accordingly. If Tara is home, you can find Jose tucked into her jacket or clinging to her shoulder. Jose is also very choosy about who he allows to come near him, and it takes some food and patience to get there.  Jose will eat his weight in food, and still beg for more. He should weigh double the amount he does for the amount of food he inhales. Jose is also not afraid to growl to tell you when he is unhappy, but once you convince him that you’re okay, he will be endlessly devoted to you. It’s amazing how much love and sass can fit into such a little dog.