Age: 9

Gus was the first dog we rescued after we moved to Reno. He was being given up because of his age. His old owners, one a coworker of Mark’s, had gotten him as a puppy, but after they got a new puppy when Gus was old, they kicked Gus out. This broke our heart, so before he was taken to a shelter, Mark offered to take him home. We love old dogs, and Gus had a new home that appreciated him. He is a very well behaved and sweet boy that didn’t deserved to be kicked to the curb and replaced with a younger model. Poor guy. We can only guess how Gus was raised, but it seemed to not be a good home for any dog. Gus took months to even eat treats or play with the other dogs. It was like he was never allowed to be a dog. He has continued to open up and become a comfortable member of the pack. He latched onto Oskar when he got here, and his love for him has only grown. Gus was a great first dog to rescue in Reno.