Age: 7

Joey was rescued in July of 2013 as a puppy. Joey was left in a box on the side of the road near a farm in Middle of Nowhere, Illinois. He was covered with fleas and was barely old enough to be weaned from his mom. Joey went through a very active puppy stage, but is finally an easygoing adult. From counter surfing to raiding the trashcan, Joey always kept us on our toes.

Joey loves outings, especially to the horse ranch and hiking with Courtney. He enjoys running around the horse pastures with Travis and eating all of the horse droppings possible.  He also loves to go hiking and is improving his off-leash skills every outing. Joey is very outgoing and loves to say hello to everyone he meets…it would be helpful if he understood who actually wants to visit with him!  Joey is a very calm and well-behaved boy. Joey has always loved to cuddle with any person, and his napping has only progressed with age. Life would be less exciting without Joey.

Joey is healthy!  He runs the ranch with glee!  And terrorizes the vet office on the few occasions he has to visit…something we are working on.

You can sponsor Joey!  His annual expenses are approx $240 (not including toys!) or $20/month.