Age: 10

Scooter came to us after his owner passed away.  The family could not keep him, the Sacramento adoption facilities were full, and he needed to be placed immediately.  Maddie and Zach brought Scooter to us.  Being a typical Chihuahua, he marked everything, yelled at everyone, pranced and preened, then adopted Mark as his person.

He really has a sweet personality, once he has decided you are worthy to touch him.  He is our only long coated Chihuahua and he is proud of his coat.  Mark regularly meow’s at him and tells him he looks like a nice kitty.  Scooter is also part of the Chihuahua mafia, sharing leadership with Gus.  He proudly sits on the highest chair, prime corner of the bed, or any other “best spot” location, and orders other dogs around.

Scooter is reasonably healthy for an older dog.  He has Chihuahua teeth…bad teeth.  This requires annual professional cleaning/care.

You can be Scooter’s Supporter!  The average annual cost of care for Scooter is $1450 or $121/month.