Age: 10

Lily is a sweet, three-legged dog. Phoebe, Jose, and Lily all have the same dad actually. So as you can guess, Lily came from a bad home situation as well. Another nurse that worked with Mark had adopted Lily as a puppy, but in her care Lily lost a leg. The reason is not completely known, but the leg was cut off as a cheaper alternative to fixing it. Lily also has bite scars that make it seem like she was attacked by another dog. Once the women got kicked out of her apartment and moved to a place that didn’t allow dogs, she had to give Lily away. We took her in, and never regretted it. She is a very loving dog that wants to be a mom to all the other dogs. She took care of Jose like he was her own puppy, and is doing the same with Olive. Lily also loves to nap in the sun, and won’t move until she’s practically roasting. Understandably, the tiny dog in her comes out and her sass clashes with Phoebe’s, so they have to be monitored closely. Thankfully, Lily has really made improvements since she has lived with us, and has become such a caring animal. Life would not be nearly as sweet without Lily.