Age: 14

Walter was rescued in South Haven, Michigan during a family vacation in 2009. A local pet store brings in dogs from shelters to help get them adopted, and Courtney happened to walk into that pet store the same day Walter was brought there to be put up for adoption. It was love at first sight, and she called Tara and Mark to come adopt him quickly. That little man was just too hard to resist. Walter really really loves to run away and chase varmint in the yard. In fact, they day we got him, Courtney had to chase him through backyards in Michigan after he wiggled out of our arms and took off. You do not have to wonder how he found his way to a shelter. Despite his need for mischief, he is a very cuddly sausage. That sweet face seems to constantly be the favorite among our dogs to our friends and family. There’s just something about him that is impossible to resist.