Age: 4

Stanley is an 85-pound puppy that was rescued in October 2016. He is a giant mutt. While Mark and Tara were in Sacramento they went to a diner, and there Stanley was, tied up to a pole across the street in an empty lot. He had been there for 3 hours before they arrived, and the owner of the restaurant finally untied him. They tried calling the humane society, but no one was available to come out. At that point, there was no where else for poor Stanley to go, so Tara and Mark took him home. Although giant, he is very gentle. His puppy stage is nowhere near as wild as Joey’s thankfully. Stanley values his sleep so much, that sometimes he doesn’t even get up to go out in the middle of the night. His loud snoring can be heard from far away, and he will sleep on top of you always. Stan the man also loves to romp around with his brothers, Joey and Travis. He is our biggest dog and also gives the biggest kisses.