The Canty Dog Ranch, where dogs are spoiled like kids.

Purpose of the ranch:

To provide a safe, loving home for dogs that no one else wants or can keep


Where is the ranch:


5 Acre ranch in Washoe Valley, Nevada.

Why the ranch:

We love animals, dogs in particular. We consider them all part of our

family and we love to spoil them as much as our kids.

How it all began..

It sort of just happened – we kept falling in love and adopting dogs in need. We have discovered this is our path in life and want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives with these dogs on this ranch. We want the ranch to be available to all dogs that have nowhere else to go – and yet are simply the most caring, kind, and amazing dogs you could have. Most often these are older dogs. We think all dogs can be amazing companions, especially the older ones. We want the dogs to have a peaceful haven to live out their lives. That is our dream for every dog that enters our care. The goals of the ranch are to build out more of the land and facilities to accommodate more playful friends. However, they will all still be welcomed as family members, and as the pack grows, we will need to create more space for them to rest and play safely.

Why we are special!

Most nonprofit organizations rescue dogs with the goal of adopting them back out. This can leave some dogs feeling thrown away, or just never adopted, and end up with no social interaction for the rest of their lives. The Canty Dog Ranch is a nonprofit that does not adopt dogs out, but rather we become their forever family and make sure they are loved and treated as such. We only want the dogs no one else will adopt, as they are the most special and need a family, too. No dog left behind.

We fully support adoption rescue facilities as they help thousands of dogs find wonderful, loving homes, but we are instead a “last resort” for many wonderful dogs without a forever home.