Age: 10

Phoebe was rescued in September 2008. She is a teacup Chihuahua. She came from a very bad breeder that was a nurse and worked with Mark, and is actually the only puppy in her litter that is still alive. The people were irresponsibly allowing their teacup Chihuahua to be repeatedly impregnated by their family member’s Chihuahua. Despite the sick mother, Phoebe grew up healthy and happy. She is Courtney’s baby, and is treated as such. Phoebe gets to live with Courtney, and is constantly overly spoiled. Like most Chihuahuas, Phoebe is a little spitfire that doesn’t seem to realize she only weighs 5 pounds. No one intimidates her, but she gives everyone a run for their money (Even 85 pound Stanley). Now, if you’re one of the people that have somehow been approved by her, then she is the most loving and sweet baby ever. She will just cuddle right up to your neck and give you kisses. Phoebe loves food and sleep more than anything else. Her eyes almost pop out of her head when food is near, and sometimes you wonder if she is still alive since she has been sleeping for the entire day. Must be tiring being so tiny and feisty.